Sustainability and Resiliency

Sustainability in the Community

Brown continues to dedicate resources to activities supporting resilience and greenhouse gas reductions in the greater Providence area.

We recognize that Brown is embedded in, and is a vital part of, the community of Providence, R.I., and beyond. The University’s lasting global contribution arises from the actions we take, as well as the initiatives and programming that give our broader community evidence-based and equity-focused tools with which to make our future more sustainable.

Ongoing sustainability efforts beyond the campus include myriad projects by faculty, staff and students:

  • Working with city and state leaders on renewable energy guidelines
  • Providing input on state and national policy and legislation
  • Developing stakeholder engagement around resilience in the face of sea level rise in Rhode Island
  • Remediation of hazardous sites and identification of emerging contaminants
  • Exploring heating/cooling systems for the Jewelry District in downtown Providence that are less energy-intensive
  • A faculty/student-reported radio podcast that is broadcast weekly to educate the public on sustainability concerns and issues

Each of these efforts has received financial, logistical and staff support from the University, and we will continue to promote these types of projects. They are critical to the mission of translating knowledge to action.