Sustainability and Resiliency

Water-Efficient Equipment

The University incorporates water efficiency evaluation in all major renovations and new construction to ensure a conservative and fiscally responsible use of water resources. Additionally, the Office of Sustainability and Operations monitor and address area of water waste and inefficiency.

The Office of Sustainability collaborated with Dining Services and Facilities Management’s Planning, Design, and Construction department to replace two water and energy-intensive dishwashing machines in the Sharpe Refectory, Brown’s main dining hall. The new dishwashers not only align with Brown’s decarbonization goals, but also aid with Brown’s thermal efficiency project by reducing the steam load placed on the central heating plant. 

The newly installed dishwashers boast:

1.25 MM Gallons

Water Saved Annually

158 MT

GHG Emissions Reduced Annually

Low-Flow Fixtures

As part of the Dorm Energy Efficiency Project, The Office of Sustainability collaborated with the Climate Action League student group to install low-flow showerheads and dual flush toilets in various residence halls on campus in FY12.

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